Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kajal strong views on Bikini

We have seen many bikini babes in hollywood and bollywood ,but these days even the south actresses have also mesmerized thier fans with two pieces,but all heroines are not favor to bikini their are actresses who are against it,yes the south spicy actress who is on top says a big NO to bikini ,Strong feature that gets highlighted in Kajal’s tiny career is her averse to skin show and sex appeal. Even never did she agree for wearing a Bikini. She says ‘I know that bikini never suits to my kind of heroine. I am ready to loose an offer or two but not ready to wear a bikini. I strictly say a ‘No’ to producer on this bikini issue at any given point of time. Looking glamorous is different from showing the skin. I believe in my self and my strengths but not on exposing,’

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